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Remembering Mrs. Leah Neuman a”h

Mrs. Neuman was the epitome of strength of character. Anyone who knew her came to appreciate the meaning of Bitachon in Hashem and true Emunas Tzadikim. She didn’t just talk the talk but walked the walk. Battling illness after illness for 25 years and not giving up, not complaining, and always ready for the next challenge. Always having an open-door policy for extended family and nitzrachim. Many people from turbulent backgrounds attribute their success in life to Leah Neuman’s smile, good word, and calm demeaner. She was zoiche to touch many many lives.

As an employee at the Kupath Ezrah office, her complete and total dedication was exceptional. In her most difficult times she made it her duty to come to work. At one point she chose to take a break from her vital medication regimen because the effects hampered her ability to do her work properly. She was forever thinking and planning ways and ideas to help Kupath Ezrah. Whether it was the Nearly New Thrift Shops or the Furniture Exchange, she was a treasure trove of practical advice to make these stores better and more profitable. She expanded the Dollar-A-Week Program, and was responsible for the Kallah Fund which has brought in close to a half a million dollars to date. If that wasn’t enough, in her quiet and pleasant way she was always busy organizing the office. No job was below her dignity.

She grew up as a child in Antwerp with her family having close shaychus to the renown Tzadik Reb Itzikel zt”l. Here in Monsey she was well known in the Ribnitze ‘hoif’ as she spent there many a night. Her connection to tzadikim kept her alive. When someone once remarked that she could be proud that all her children have a personal connection to their Morah Derech and are obedient under Daas Torah, she simply said “It wasn’t by accident; I shed many tears for that to happen”. Her unquestioning faith was truly exemplary.

She always frowned at the thought of being eulogized. She felt it made no sense to keep people waiting while praises are being pronounced. That was just her. Her wish came true. Leah Neuman passed away in Chodesh Nissan (Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar). We will however be maspid her for years to come.