23rd Annual Asifa 2019

20th Annual Asifa 2016

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19th Annual Asifa 2015

24th Annual Virtual Asifa 2020

21st Annual Asifa 2017

Kupath Ezrah was established on Erev Rosh Hashana in 1959, when Mr. Sam Nussbaum and Rabbi Mashinsky met and combined their burning desire to help the needy families in the community.  At the time, Monsey was a very small community and they were able to give out over $1200 to those that were having some hardships.  More than 50 years later, Monsey has grown into one of the largest Jewish communities in the world.  Kupath Ezrah has remained a constant source of assistance, providing hope and support to over 1000 families, with dignity and sensitivity.  Since its founding, Kupath Ezrah has distributed close to 40 million dollars to poor families in Monsey.  The donations made has been a prime example of tzedekah "by the people for the people".  In accordance with the Shulchan Orach, one is obligated to give tzedakah to aniyei ircha, the poor of one's city, before giving to others. Kupath Ezrah tries to service every segment of our community by raising money through campaigns, programs, clothing and furniture exchanges, an outreach center, the Annual Asifa,  as well as many other tactful ways of raising funds. 

22nd Annual Asifa 2018

‚Äč Providing a Beacon of Hope to Those Struggling Financially