Kupath Ezrah:  Providing a Beacon of Hope to Those Struggling Financially


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Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County, a charitable organization endorsed by leading Rabbonim, was established more than 50 years ago and is accepted as the Kupath of Our Community. It is the organization that comes to the aid of families in need, supplying them with funds for food, clothing, and shelter. All assistance is given in a most discreet and dignified manner, sparing the recipients shame and embarrassment. We are now distributing stipends to close to 700 families every month, and almost 1000 families during Pesach and Sukkos.  Thank you for making this possible. Kupath Ezrah is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to needy families.   

​For your convenience, we have set up two ways you can make an online donation or participate in our annual Asifa coming up August 7th, 2016.

Make a donation today

  • You can CALL the office at:  ​845-426-6504
  • You can also MAIL your donations to :  

Kupath Ezrah

PO Box 3

Monsey, NY 10952

  • You can CALL the credit card hotline to make a CC donation at  1888-MITZVOS (1-888-648-9867)

Chesed is your way of living,
You have that special knack-
Always supporting, always caring, and always giving.
Without a thought of ever being paid back.
How can we ever thank you?

You have made such a difference in our lives....
Such a big help doing such a big mitzvah.
May your family always thrive.