Providing a Beacon of Hope to Those Struggling Financially

This year the 2021 Summer Asifa will take place virtually on August 10, 8 PM LIVE right here on this website. 

The 25th Annual Asifa will be launching our Eim Habanim Fund, which will exclusively help over 180 single mother families in our community.  The intent is to bring the plight of these desperately disadvantaged families in our midst to the forefront.  

Tuesday Evening, AUGUST 10  at 8 PM

launching the eiM habanim fund, assistance for single mother families.

​​​NEVER ALONE.....Supporting single mothers struggling financially, emotionally and socially.  Loneliness is the least of her concerns.  She's been left alone, holding down a job while raising five children.  She needs to remain strong, but can not take it anymore.  She doesn't want pity, but she does need help.

She's been living apart, now she's falling apart.  It's lonely at the top of a single parent home.  The pressure of juggling traditional mom responsibilities while also serving as the breadwinner is crushing, and generally unsustainable.

How can they hold a decent job, when every appointment, school pick up, and daily chores are on their overburdened shoulders?  How can the children experience normal Shabbos when Mommy worked for the food, prepared it, and now is making kiddish herself?

For too long, the plight of those who've been left to manage life on their own has been slipping under the radar.  NO more!

The EIM HABANIM FUND from KUPATH EZRAH will stand by their side with the material and emotional support they need.

Kupath Ezrah assists over 180 widows, divorcees, and otherwise single mothers all year long each year.  Much more is needed, and g-dwilling Eim Habanim will fill the void!