Providing a Beacon of Hope to Those Struggling Financially

What Kupath Ezrah Does:  Simply put, it keeps Jewish families and individuals from failing and falling.  For almost 60 years, many thousands have been helped to survive, with dignity and compassion.  Here are just a few stories:

1.  An 84 year old widow, with a disabled son, who has been working all her life, supporting her sick mother and child, is left almost blind, with no savings and a small pension.  Kupath Ezrah has been paying her gas, electric and water bills, plus help for groceries for the past 10 years, bring light, warmth and hope!

2.  Chaim D., after 18 years in the same low paying job, was dismissed, and is unable to find work.  The Kupath Ezrah  stipend keeps his family afloat, while efforts are being made to help him find a new position.

3.  The M.F. family has two boys with special needs.  When their mother gave birth to the fourth child, funds were supplied to send her for recuperation, and for household and child care help in her absence.

                         And the list goes on and on.....

There are countless families in our community who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.  No food on their table, utility shut off notices, children wearing torn clothes and shoes, even on Shabbos.  Kupath Ezrah is always there helping, every day, every month, all year around.                    

                   And it is YOU who makes this possible.

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ADOPT-A-FAMILY:  Participate in this unique program and you will be gifted a Beautiful Oil Canvas created by one of the single mother recipients of Kupath Ezrah

Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County, established 60 years ago, comes to the aid of struggling families, supplying them with funds for basic necessities such as utilities, food and shelter.  Kupath Ezrah distributes to over 800 families each month and over 1000 families for Yom Tov and emergency situations.  There are countless families in our midst who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own, including illness, loss of jobs and death.  Major grocery debt, utility shut offs, as well as homelessness, are some of the traumatic realities that some of your neighbors, friends and others are facing right now.  Kupath Ezrah is always there- helping every day, every month, all year round,  assisted by your generous donations

By giving to Kupath Ezrah, you are partnering with הקב״ה feeding the hungry, and sustaining the aniyim.  In that זוחת, may you never be in need and be able to give generously, in good health and happiness always.