Providing a Beacon of Hope to Those Struggling Financially

Chanuka is family time. The nights are long, candles are lit, and schools pause homework.  Perhaps you fry donuts, play dreidel, or maybe it’s time to try out the new presents, for most people Chanuka is warmth - when we remember the miracle of the oil jug - Hashem’s embrace​ in dark times.

But for people whose family is fragmented, Chanuka highlights the empty seat of a father who isn’t there.  It’s a time when lighting the Menorah is just so lonely.

This year, we are determined to share the warmth and light of Chanuka with our single mothers who light the Menorah in their homes. They give so much to their children, it’s time we support them for the heroes that they truly are.

Join us in raising $1000 for every one of our 200 plus almanos, separated, and divorced mothers.  Each donation will be divided between all 200+ single mother families.  With your support, they too can celebrate a miracle this Chanuka.